Introduction of the Conference

    Dear Professors, researchers, and students
    The 4th international and 7th national conference on the Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment along with 5th National Conference on Iran Forests, will be held on November 22 & 23, 2023 by the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili and Iranian Forestry Association.

    Changes in human-environmental relations and technological advances have changed the pattern of human life, which can be expected to both control environmental threats and exacerbate natural hazards. The intensification of the water shortage crisis, the occurrence of multiple floods, reduced soil fertility and land erosion, groundwater depletion and the manifestation of dust events highlight the importance and necessity of conserving natural resources and comprehensive management of watersheds. In this regard, improving the living conditions of utilizers of water and soil resources, restoring forest and rangeland ecosystems, and preserving wetlands and lakes will be the necessities of today in preserving and protecting natural resources, water, and soil and reducing environmental damage.

    Undoubtedly, the interaction of executives, researchers, activists, and stakeholders in this field is an effective step in achieving scientific and rational solutions for the protection of water, soil, and natural resources. This conference is an opportunity to present new achievements and discuss the views of managers and researchers of natural resources and environment protection. Therefore, all experts, researchers, and students are invited to participate in this conference. It is hoped that this conference, using the experiences of distinguished professors and research students, will take a step towards improving the status of natural resources and the environment in the mega programs of the country's development. 

    Keynote Speakers

    Climate change impacts on beech forests


    Economy and the Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran


    The future of the Hyrcanian forests management in northern Iran


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